Students of New Orleans, Citizens of the World


Towana Pierre-Floyd shares her vision for the school she plans to open next fall: Early College Academy at KIPP Renaissance High School. She reflects on travel experiences that shaped her, and looks forward to leading a school where students focus on values like excellence, global perspective and self-identity.

The Doctor is In the School Building

Rales Health Center

At the Rales Health Center, a full-service medical clinic located inside KIPP Baltimore’s campus, students can see Dr. Connor, get their prescriptions, and take care of routine medical needs—all without leaving the school building. We sat down with Dr. Connor to learn more about the Rales Health Center, why she’s excited about the partnership, and her number one health tip for parents.

Knowledge, Power, and Advocacy on Campus

featured pennant

There’s a watershed moment happening on college campuses. From large universities like Mizzou and Yale to small colleges like Amherst and Claremont McKenna, students are speaking out against systemic racism in higher education. KIPP’s National Director of KIPP Through College offers a few thoughts for students of color currently navigating the waters on college campuses this fall.

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