What Are You Most Excited for at KSS?

KIPP School Summit Community Session

KIPP School Summit (KSS) is the annual gathering for the entire KIPP Team & Family to connect, learn, and share. We asked KIPP teachers and school leaders which sessions they were most excited for this year. Below is what they had to say.


Attendees share their favorite sessions: 

  • Comprehension for English Language Learners and Vocabulary for English Language Learners. As a new ESL teacher to KIPP, I am very excited to see more PD for teachers of students whose primary language is one other than English!
    – Emily Dixon, 5th Grade Teacher, KIPP Washington Heights, KIPP NYC


  • I am most excited about Jeff Duncan-Andrade’s session, Effective Teachers of Urban Youth, because when I’ve heard him in the past, and he’s been incredibly inspiring and insightful.
    – Elizabeth Barrett, Vice Principal of Culture, KIPP San Jose Collegiate, KIPP Bay Area


  • I’m actually most excited for my community lunches. With the advent of Main Office and data community retreats, we’ve developed into a tighter community. I’m excited to continue building my relationships and also putting names with faces!
    – Matt Bradford, Director of Information Management Services, KIPP Houston


  • I’m most excited about the sessions with Student Achievement Partners. They presented at the School Leader Retreat in March and really got me thinking deeply about the transition to Common Core.
    – Ellen Bhattacharyya, School Leader, KIPP Ascend Primary, KIPP Chicago


  • I’m most excited about Designing Inquiry Labs from Standard Labs through Quality Questioning. Improving labs was a big focus of mine this school year, but I still feel there is a lot I can do to push student thinking. I would like to plan labs that give students the opportunity to truly be the scientists, and this session really fit what I was looking for.
    – Jordan Bock, 8th Grade Teacher, KIPP Summit Academy, KIPP Bay Area


  • The session I’m MOST excited about attending at KSS is Building Character through Love & Logic because I want my students to be people of strong character. I am interested to learn more about how character-building and classroom management are closely intertwined. I loved the focus on encouraging grit and problem-solving, and can’t wait to gain much insight and action steps from this session!
    – Jessica Chen, 2nd Grade Teacher, KIPP Raíces Academy, KIPP LA


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