Ways To Learn About The History of Pride Month and Its Intersectional Roots

This month – in celebration of Pride month – let’s be reminded there can be no pride if it is not intersectional.


By Lander Arrieta, KIPP Foundation

Across the globe, June is known as PRIDE month – and in this year, as should be the case with all years – a nod to the history of Pride and the uprising of the queer community against police brutality should be elevated.

In the past few months, we’ve seen an elevation of voices speaking out against racism, systemic injustice, and police brutality. This, indeed, is all of our responsibility. And in this month – in celebration of PRIDE – let’s be reminded there can be no pride if it is not intersectional.

Some resources to support and learn about PRIDE history and its intersectional roots include:

One major win this month is the Supreme Court decision granting the LGBTQ+ community protection against workplace discrimination, learn more about the landmark ruling here.