Unforgettable Quotes from KIPP School Summit 2015

As we prepare to kick off a new school year at KIPP with nearly 70,000 KIPPsters in the classroom, Richard Barth shares a few quotes from KIPP School Summit to inspire and fuel us all in the months ahead.

By Richard Barth, KIPP Foundation CEO

One week ago, the KIPP Team and Family gathered in Southern California for the annual KIPP School Summit (KSS). With a focus on getting even better for each and every one of our KIPPsters, it was an incredible week of learning, growing and connecting with teammates.

As we prepare to kick off a new school year at KIPP with nearly 70,000 KIPPsters in the classroom, I wanted to share just a few quotes from KSS from a variety of sessions that will inspire and fuel us all in the months ahead.


“I believe that the best way to obtain empowerment is
through the power of education.”

– Briana Robinson
KIPP DC Alumna and Teacher
Watch Briana’s full speech


“Some students learn differently because of their
disabilities, but we all dream the same way.”

– D’Ari Mahoney
KIPP New Orleans Student
Watch D’Ari’s full speech


“I think this demographic shift happening in our country
is the greatest economic opportunity facing us.”

– Tristan Walker
CEO, Walker & Company Brands
Watch A Conversation with Tristan


“Being part of the KIPP family and fostering its growth
has been one of the most gratifying experiences in our life.”

– Martha Karsh
KIPP Foundation Board Member and Founder of the Karsh Family Foundation


“Despite all that was against me, at KIPP I started to
believe that I had the right to go after the impossible dream.”

– Atalia Castro
KIPP Houston Alumna
Watch Atalia’s full speech


“I stand on the shoulders of the woman who taught me to
stand up for what I believe in.”

– Laura Reyes
KIPP NYC Alumna and Teacher
Watch Laura’s full speech


“It’s up to us to make the change. We can do better.”

– Carrie Morgridge
Chief Disruptor,
Morgridge Family Foundation

Bryan Stevenson

“Injustice prevails where hopelessness exists.
Hopelessness is the enemy we have to fight.”

– Bryan Stevenson
Founder and Executive Director,
Equal Justice Initiative


“My mission: to advocate for more fair lives and better
opportunities for my community.”

– Clinton Hall III
KIPP Chicago Alumnus
Watch Clinton’s full speech


“By working together, we’ve proven that we can give
every student in this country a shot at a great life.”

– Eli Broad
Philanthropist and Entrepreneur


“The purpose of individual excellence
is to make a better team.”

– Ellie Kemper
Actress, Comedian, and Writer
Watch Ellie’s Storytelling session


“In order to do something great
you have to take a great risk.”

– Brian Grazer
Award-Winning Producer
Watch Brian’s session on Relentless Curiosity


“It is my duty, and our duty, to fight against injustice.
It is our duty to make sure that every student regardless
of their zip code is afforded the opportunity
to chase their dreams as I have.”

– Calvon Jones
KIPP ENC Alumnus
Watch Calvon’s full speech

We hope you’ll recall these quotes and visit our KSS recap page when you need a reminder of why this work is so important.