Tulsa KIPPsters Learning with Lemonade

By Toneille Bent, KIPP Through College Coordinator, KIPP Tulsa

Sunday, May 6th, Tulsa KIPPsters will have the exciting opportunity to participate in a fun, hands-on learning activity! Lemonade Day, a national initiative purposed to teach children about entrepreneurship and money management, is coming to Tulsa for the first time. KIPP Tulsa was one of the first community partners invited to participate in the city’s Lemonade Day launch. KIPP Tulsa is not the only KIPP school involved in Lemonade Day. Lemonade Day started in Houston in partnership with Houston Independent School District and KIPP Houston has been involved with the event for several years.

All students participating are currently going through a curriculum that covers such topics as creating a business plan, money management, finding an investor, and a location for lemonade stands. Children are able to keep the revenue, but Lemonade Day seeks to inspire them to “Save some, share some and spend some” of what they earn. Last year, of the over $15 million raised nationally on Lemonade Day, students donated $5.8 million.

I’m excited to report that 30 excited KIPPsters are signed up, creating business plans, and unique lemonade recipes. I can’t wait to see the creative ways that our kids bring Lemonade Day and what they have learned to life next Sunday. Not to mention that I can’t wait to taste their delicious lemonade recipes.

KIPP Tulsa is proud to partner with Lemonade Day to further impact students positively, and to give them insight into not only earning money, but philanthropy as well. If you are in town, make sure to find your way to a lemonade stand near you!

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