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Tour de KIPP—A Visit to KIPP DC

Nancy, KIPP Foundation’s Marketing Associate, takes you on a journey to explore KIPP schools across the nation. First stop, KIPP DC. Welcome to Tour de KIPP!

Tour De KIPP Maps_DC

By Nancy Kyei, Communications Associate, KIPP Foundation

Nancy here! I’m the Marketing Associate at the KIPP Foundation and I’m the voice of KIPP’s social media! My role specifically focuses on leveraging are online platforms to best represent our students, families, and communities. Basically, my job is fun! I have opportunities to really bring creativity to work every day. In the Fall, we decided what better way to build relationships with our regions than to visit them. So, we’ve been on what we like to call a “Tour de KIPP”, where we visit schools to get a better sense of each region’s culture and document them through an Instagram Takeover the best part is getting to meet students. I’ve been having an incredible time visiting schools and wanted to share our experiences with YOU. Welcome to our World, Tour de KIPP. First stop, our Nation’s capital Washington, DC.

November 11, 2017

KIPP College Preparatory High School

How perfect was this day? This is Nancy coming to you fresh from a visit to KIPP DC. I got to check out 3 @kippdcschools science classrooms. Follow #KIPPDCTakeover to experience what I got to see throughout the day and meet future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians! #STEM

Ms. Harris 1

Welcome to Ms. Harris’ 9th-grade Biology classroom at KIPP DC College Prep! #KIPPsters in Ms. Harris’ classroom were working hard to answer a pretty difficult question: How does a cell in a cow’s leg use food to move and function?#KIPPDCTakeover#STEM #BiologyonBlast

Bio on Blast

“Don’t underestimate your ideas…they can lead you to a new answer”. In Ms. Harris’ 9th-grade biology class, students were encouraged to question everything. Who knows? A great discovery may be just around the corner! #BiologyonBlast #KIPPDCTakeover#STEM

Ms. Jones 1

Next stop: KIPP DC Northeast Academy! We slipped into Ms. Jones’ 5th-grade class, and they talked about how to make the entire solar system fit in their classroom. You’re probably wondering how that’s possible, right? MATH! #STEM#KIPPDCTakeover

Ms. Sampson 2

Ms. Sampson’s 1st graders became #futurescientists when they discovered how different materials interact with light. AND they created some of the coolest puppet shows we’ve ever seen. #KIPPDCTakeover #STEM

Where's your next adventure

We had a fantastic time getting to visit our @kippdcschools fam! I wonder where our next adventure will take us?

Every Tuesday, we’ll be releasing each regional school visit. Make sure to come back next week as we’ll be taking an adventure to Lynn, Massachusetts!

-Nancy out #KIPPDCTakeover ✌????