Three Videos to Help You Teach Critical Thinking

In the Schools That Work series, Edutopia takes a deep look at what school successes are made of—how principals and teachers, parents, students, and schools collaborate to change young peoples’ futures. Edutopia featured KIPP King Collegiate’s approach to critical thinking in their latest edition, released in August.

The KIPP King Collegiate High School Story

At KIPP King Collegiate High School, in San Lorenzo, California, the mission is to provide students with the critical-thinking skills required to succeed in college—and the confidence to use them. Read more or click below to watch the first video.

How KIPP Teachers Learn to Teach Critical Thinking

Professional development at KIPP King includes setting up “fishbowl” classroom configurations, assigning student roles, and other techniques for facilitating successful Socratic discussions. Read teaching tips or click below to watch the second video on how KIPP teachers are trained.

Case Study: Culture at KIPP King Collegiate

With extended school days, rigorous academic standards, and a firm disciplinary code, expectations are high, but so is the commitment to help every student succeed in school, in college, and beyond. Click below to watch the third video on school culture.

For additional resources and downloads for teaching critical thinking, click here.