Showing Gratitude for the iPad and Jobs’ Legacy

By Alex Thanos, Math Teacher and 7th Grade Level Chair, KIPP Central Ohio

Steve Jobs famously said that Apple created their line of devices for the “crazy ones,” who he said, pushed the human race forward. “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world,” asserted Jobs, “are the ones who do.” This academic year I have personally pulled an immense amount of inspiration from the life of Steve Jobs and this quote in the work that we do at KIPP. I believe the creation of the iPad is the most transformative of Jobs’ devices for our KIPPsters.

At KIPP, we recognize that technology is just one tool educators can use to help facilitate their teaching. While it certainly does not replace the need for great teachers, I believe that the iPad’s ability to drive academic results in my class is innumerable. For example, one routine I use in my class is “Instant Replay,” in which my students and I review a video recording of a previous class. While rewinding through the lesson, I ask individual students to shout out examples of academic success or student growth, and when applicable, isolate where the class might have gone wrong and then analyze the error.

iPads have also improved students’ ability to participate in meaningful independent practice. On a daily basis, students use standards-based learning websites such as IXL and Study Island to supplement their work in class. These programs focus on building skills and competency in math and reading, but I believe in their ability to raise student achievement in all content areas. The iPad can also take on the task of basic essentials in the math classroom, such as personal whiteboards or calculators. With the capabilities of the iPad constantly evolving, I eagerly await the ability to use the highly anticipated feature of E-Textbooks, which will inevitably help augment my teaching.

Showing gratitude by recognizing and showing appreciation for others is a character strength that we focus on with our students at KIPP. In order to showcase our gratitude to Jobs’ life and legacy, the KIPPsters of 2017 created a remembrance board in which they honored the inventions of Jobs and how his life’s work has empowered them to imagine bigger. As one KIPPster wrote, “I can share my life with the world. The iPad can help me with my homework. My homework is always on point. Thank you Steve Jobs for creating the fantastic iPad.”

Many members of the 2017 team and family echoed this sentiment. Jobs recognized that in order to create change, you must be an agent of change. His vision of technology will continue to generate ripples throughout generations and it is because where others see crazy, he saw genius. Even though Steve Jobs is no longer alive, his legacy of empowering future leaders continues in the work of our team and family at KIPP Central Ohio and we will continue to show our gratitude.

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