KIPP Nashville Literacy Spotlight

KIPP Nashville has gone all-in on our commitment to making KIPP schools the absolute best places to learn to read. As of this school year, we have 7 schools in Nashville educating a combined 3,000 KIPP students. This year, 2022, is also a milestone for the region, as many members of the founding class of KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School are graduating college this year. 

The commitment to literacy in Nashville has added to an ambitious near-term goal: having 75 percent of elementary school KIPP students reading at or above grade level by the end of this school year. 

During the 2020-21 school year, the KIPP Nashville team embraced a full-fledged review of their approach to reading. They truly committed to following where the data led us and used that feedback to rebuild how they teach literacy from the ground up. This year, they expanded on that work by investing in professional development, observation, and feedback for teachers.  

This kind of work takes courage and tenacity to do this during the pandemic, on top of tackling all the other challenges of teaching and learning over the past two years. And it’s all paying off: based on mid-year data, Nashville’s KIPPsters are on track to finish the year ahead of where their peers at KIPP were pre-COVID. You read that right. Ahead. 

KIPP Nashville is just one example of this incredible work happening throughout the network.