KIPP Acts of Gratitude Series: December 2019

KIPP Acts of Gratitude Series

In this blog series we’ll be highlighting teams and family across our network doing exemplary work making a difference in their communities and beyond. This is just a glimpse of some of the community work happening here at KIPP. Our hope is to spotlight even more of our regions and the incredible impact they are having in their communities.

 Brighter Bites volunteers handing bags of healthy food to families.

KIPP Texas-Austin: Healthy meals for the community

A new partnership between KIPP Texas-Austin and Brighter Bites provides two bags of fresh fruits and vegetables weekly into the hands of KIPP Austin Communidad families for free. The first week, 60 families participated. The second week, 120 families took advantage of the opportunity to receive fresh produce. In addition to delivering the food to the school every week, Brighter Bites provides recipes and teaches families how to incorporate the nutritious produce items into their everyday lives. Research shows kids are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables after trying them multiple times, and after learning about healthy food through engaging, hands-on lessons.

A KIPP MA adult learning graduating class

KIPP Massachusetts: Adult learning classes for KIPP parents and community

KIPP MA offers ongoing Family and Community Learning programs to the parents of KIPPsters, families and community members living in or near Lynn and Mattapan. Programs include; English as a Second Language, citizenship, computer literacy classes, financial literacy, parenting workshops, book clubs, as well as community social gatherings. Last year, KIPP MA launched a new Civic Engagement Series in Boston where city council members and Massachusetts education leaders spoke to participants about, how to advocate for your child’s education and how to be more engaged in your local community. There are currently over 300 adults enrolled in the Lynn program, and over 150 enrolled in Boston with many on the waiting list.

KIPP Staff giving out turkeys to the community.

KIPP NYC: Community Thanksgiving turkey giveaway

KIPP AMP Brooklyn and MS 354 partnered with Chopra & Nocerino, LLP for a free turkey giveaway.  The Monday of Thanksgiving week, KIPP AMP staff volunteered on their day off to hand out 5,000 turkeys to families in the Crown Heights, Brooklyn community. “All of our families were afforded the opportunity to have a turkey for the holidays,” said Antoine Lewis KIPP AMP Elementary School Leader, in a video posted to the schools Instagram page. “The law firm of Chopra & Nocerino, LLP came to the school and we talked about their vision for the event. It was just a great opportunity to do something amazing for the families we serve each day,” said Lewis.

KIPP educators going above and beyond in their communities

KIPP educator, Alfredo Crossman-Chavez Jr takes a selfie with students and Robert Horry


Alfredo Crossman-Chavez Jr., the athletic director at KIPP Coraźon Academy in SoCal and a Junior Lakers coach, was recently presented with the Tissot Gift of Time in partnership with the Los Angeles Lakers. Alfredo was recognized for his time and dedication to serving the Los Angeles community through youth basketball. Former Los Angeles Laker Robert Horry surprised Alfredo with a Tissot watch and Laker game tickets where he was honored in the arena. “Hearing these people clap for me and watch that video at the game and seeing my students featured on the jumbotron, that got me excited because they were featured here at the Lakers game so it was like they were here with me,” said Alfredo in a video posted by the LA Lakers. “It’s a once in a lifetime thing and I’m grateful to be here.” Check out the video of this special moment here.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Ed Reed standing with KIPP students, coaches, and administrators

Ed Reed_Baltimore_02

And then there is Justin Garritt, a sixth-grade math teacher at KIPP Ujiima in Baltimore, who responded to a survey on DonorsChoose about how a gift of $10,000 could support sports programming at their school. Justin wrote about how he coaches baseball for an undefeated co-ed team, and that because of field conditions they had never been able to host a home game. On November 6, Pro Football Hall of Famer Ed Reed surprised KIPP students, coaches, and administrators with a $200,000 donation from the Kellogg Foundation that will enable the school to add teams, improve facilities, offer more opportunities to play, and even bring home its co-ed baseball squad after years of away games. “This is something that is really near and dear to me because I know how much kids need access to do something outside of what’s going on in their neighborhoods, the crime and everything that goes on when you don’t have something to occupy your time, that energy that kids come with. So I’m excited just to be a part of this,” said Reed in an interview with WBALTV11. Watch this local story about the donation!

If you have an act of gratitude that you would like to share from your region email: We would love to highlight!


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