Goldberg Scholars: Where Are They Now? 

We caught up with three Goldberg Scholarship recipients from previous cohorts about what they learned, what plans they have for the near future and what advice they would share with this year’s applicants.



This month we caught up with three Goldberg Scholarship recipients from previous cohorts about what they learned, what plans they have for the near future and what advice they would share with this year’s applicants.  These students are part of a talented group of KIPP alumni who are selected each year as Goldberg Scholars in partnership with the  Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation.  Each year, KIPP selects 15 KIPP graduates who receive a unique combination of financial support and mentorship during their four-year college experience. Read below, in their own words, the impact the program has had in their lives.


Horus Hernandez

Horus Hernandez, Cohort 1 (Junior), University of Houston – KIPP Houston Public Schools Alumnus
“As a Goldberg scholar, I’ve learned about the importance of belonging to a community of people who want you to succeed because I believe success is a team sport. Having people who cheer you on is encouraging, especially when times get difficult. As a Goldberg scholar, I have gained something very special: I have gained another family. I’m currently interning at a venture capital firm to develop a strong understanding of startups and the venture capital ecosystem.

As for next steps, I plan to obtain a summer internship in finance to continue learning how firms acquire and manage capital efficiently.

If I could offer a piece of advice to this year’s applicants, it would be to focus on how you’ve overcome challenges in the past. Focus on explaining your thought process, motivations, and creativity. Showcase your resilience and your purpose.”

Metztli Garcia

Metztli Garcia, Cohort 1 (Junior), University of California, Los Angeles – KIPP SoCal Public Schools Alumna
“Being in the Goldberg program, I’ve learned how to get out of my comfort zone through practice of developing skills such as networking, communication, financial planning, and more. Many of my first times having to talk to CEOs or being on camera has been through the Goldberg program, these are skills that are necessary for everyone’s own life and learning so early on has been a challenge but also boosted my confidence.

This academic year, I will be a Policy Fellow for the Latino Policy Institute at UCLA, the Vice President of a multicultural women’s organization, the Vice President of Recruitment for the Latino Business Student Association, as well as continue to be a Career Peer for the UCLA Career Center and continue to lead my Cultural photography business. My hope is that these experiences will not only continue to bring me out of my comfort zone, but serve as a way to dive deeper in discovering my career goals.

To this year’s applicants, my advice is to share your truth. Everyone’s journeys are beautiful, being proud of where and how you have become who you are today is most important not only for your application but also for yourself.”

J Edwards

Joshua Edwards, Cohort 2 (Sophomore), Jackson State University – KIPP Tulsa Alumnus
“The Goldberg program has taught me the significance of marketing myself as a brand, whether through personal interactions or social media. I’ve also learned the importance of networking and forming genuine bonds. Most importantly, I have become more comfortable with myself as a minority in modern-day America. Before Goldberg, I did not understand that true success starts from within, but now I realize that a person cannot win externally if they are not winning internally.

My primary goal for the remainder of my college career is to graduate from Jackson State University with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. I also plan to become more involved on campus by running for leadership positions, joining clubs, and creating lifelong friendships. After undergrad, I will attend Columbia University located in New York City, New York, to obtain a master’s degree in journalism.

One piece of advice for this year’s applicants is to live within the moment. You may stress over college applications, scholarship opportunities, and graduation fees, but do not let those worries rob your joy. If no one has told you, you are doing great. Especially amid a pandemic, you are stronger than most. Do not stress over tomorrow, for today’s troubles are enough. Live, love, and laugh.

If you are interested in applying to the 2021 Goldberg Scholarship Program click here. The deadline to apply is Monday, February 8th.”