Books By KIPP Teachers To Read with Your Child This Summer

KIPP Teacher Books

KIPP teachers have always inspired students to love to read.  So, it’s no surprise that KIPP teachers are authors too!  If you are looking for a book to read this summer with your child, check out these books and workbooks authored by our very own KIPP teachers that will be sure to educate, inspire and uplift. 

Lexi Dreams!  

Lexi Dreams

Authored by KIPP NYC teacher Alexis Clark, illustrated by Cameron Wilson

One night Lexi dreamed of what happened in school when her teacher talked about CHANGE. When Lexi woke up the next morning, she was excited to tell Jamal and Jordyn. With teamwork and the help of Ms. Porter, something amazing happens. Can Lexi, Jamal, and Jordyn make CHANGE? Can YOU make CHANGE?

Sara Bear

Sara Bear

Authored by KIPP SoCal teacher Dr. Kaylie Gomez, illustrated by Adam Parsons

After Stephanie visits Bear Buddies to create one extraordinary teddy bear, Kaylie is able to connect with her great-grandmother in a way she’s never experienced before. Come along on the journey as Sara Bear discovers why she was created and how much she is loved.


African American History Great Kings & Queens of Africa Paperback

African American History Great Kings & Queens of Africa Paperback

Authored by KIPP St. Louis teacher Monica Reed

This is a series of African American history books for kids. Children all over the world need to know and understand the importance of the African American experience, and not just the heroes we learn about every Black History Month. I want to celebrate the wonderful achievements Black brings, starting from the beginning of time to the present. This series will be great for those who can read it on their own, but I encourage adults and family members to read it with and to their children. Remember “we learn something new every day..” and you would be surprised at how much, as adults we don’t know about some of the African Americans that have paved the way for us and continue to break barriers for each generation.

Through Our Own Eyes: A Celebration of Black Women in History


Authored by KIPP Metro Atlanta teacher Joseph Edelin

All too often, the role that Black women have played in history has been left out of the history books and school curricula. Well now you can change that! Whether you are a classroom educator, or a homeschool parent, if you are trying to give your children an inclusive and complete view of history, then Through Our Own Eyes: A Celebration of Black Women in History is just the resource for you. Educators will be able to use this book to teach children about the accomplishments and contributions that Black women have made in areas such as African civilization, African American civil rights, politics, business, STEM, sports and entertainment, and the arts. Students will be enthralled as they learn about such amazing women as Queen Nzinga, Angela Davis, Katherine Johnson, Shirley Chisholm, and many more. Accompanied with each of the forty-nine texts about various Black women in history, are reading comprehension questions, interactive activities, and videos designed to keep the children engaged, and enhance their learning experience. As children begin to look at history through their own eyes, they will begin to see their greatness, and greatness should never be hidden, instead, it should be celebrated!


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