Becoming the Next “Mr. Harris”

KIPPster Spotlight on Jay Guzman, Kindergarten Math Teacher, KIPP DC: Grow Academy

Jay Guzman’s journey with KIPP started when he was a student at KIPP Academy Middle School in the South Bronx. After graduating from KIPP Academy, Jay continued to receive support from KIPP Through College (KTC). Through great support from his KTC counselor, Kevin Harris, he was able to graduate from the University Of Delaware in 2009. This relationship inspired Jay to return to KIPP so he could give back and become another child’s “Mr. Harris.”

Initially, Jay was interested in joining KIPP as a KTC counselor, but then he learned about the Capital Teaching Residency program. The idea of being paired with an experienced teacher was extremely intriguing, and he made the decision to start his teaching career at KIPP DC. Now, he is a Lead Teacher at KIPP DC Grow Academy, and he is educating future generations of KIPPsters while mentoring Capital Teaching Residents.

What Jay enjoys most about working at KIPP DC is building relationships with students, families, and staff; he believes that these relationships will  have lasting effects on his students. He also loves seeing every smile on a student’s face, exchanging a handshake or joke with a parent, and spending an extra hour each day to hone the team’s craft. Through all of this hard-work, he believes that we will all build a better tomorrow.

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