Alumni Spotlight: Emani’ Lewis

Meet Emani’. KIPP Bay Area alumna and recent Spelman graduate. Emani’ wants to start a support group for mothers of color that provides resources for those who strive to balance raising a family with work, education, health and community involvement.

It’s college graduation season! At KIPP, we’re celebrating our alumni. Over the next month, this blog will feature KIPP alumni from the college class of 2015, sharing their hopes, challenges, and advice for their younger peers.

Emani Lewis-3654Emani’ Lewis

KIPP Bay Area Alumna
Graduated from Spelman College
May 17, 2015

BA, Comparative Women’s Studies

My future plans:
With my college degree, I plan to become a community organizer for establishments that embrace their social responsibilities. As a community organizer, my role would be to maintain strong and impactful relationships with members of the community, local organizations, and corporate partners. This would be accomplished by creating programs that allow for events like backpack drives, resume workshops, athletic tournaments, reading competitions and such to take place. I also hope to start a support group that provides resources for mothers of color in economically disadvantaged communities, who are striving to balance raising a family with work, education, health and community involvement.

If I hadn’t gone to college:
I truly believe that my vision and options career-wise would be far more limited. Having attended Barnard of Columbia University and graduated from Spelman College, I was able to meet and network with people from all sorts of backgrounds! Each interaction – whether it was with a professor, a classmate or a faculty member – was enlightening because the individual was likely either teaching me something new about myself or sharing advice that would help me further my career.

My advice for KIPPsters entering college:
Be driven and work hard purposefully, but always remember that you are more than a conqueror. Often times it’s natural for us to become so focused on breaking barriers and making those who are so dedicated to our success proud that we lose ourselves. You can solve this by checking in with yourself from time to time. Listen and respond thoughtfully when your KIPP team and family asks, “How are you doing?” Pay attention to your body’s signals and your heart’s desires to make sure that you are living a healthy life.

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