Alumni Spotlight: Alejandra Cambonchi

Meet Alejandra. KIPP LA alumna and recent Boston University graduate. Alejandra plans to use her degree to make medical devices and eventually, to improve access to healthcare in underdeveloped countries.

It’s college graduation season! At KIPP, we’re celebrating our alumni. Over the next month, this blog will feature KIPP alumni from the college class of 2015, sharing their hopes, challenges, and advice for their younger peers.

Alejandra Cambonchi at her graduation

Alejandra Cambonchi

KIPP LA Alumna
Graduated from Boston University
May 17, 2015

BS, Biomedical Engineering, Concentration in Nanotechnology

My future plans:
With my college degree, I plan to achieve a career in biomedical engineering making medical devices. My long-term goal is to provide better access to healthcare in underdeveloped countries.

Why I chose my school:
It has one of the best biomedical engineering departments. Boston University is located in one of the best locations for engineering and medicine. Although Boston is very different from LA, I was able to make it my new home.

Why college?
I think college is worth it because it gave me the skills and knowledge to become a biomedical engineer. However, college isn’t just about academics. I met new people from around the world and made some of the best friends I’ll ever have. College challenges you to grow as a person and excel in your field to pursue a better future.


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