5 Tips From KIPP Educators To Help Your Child Stay Motivated During COVID-19 Distance Learning




As we navigate the new normal of distance learning at home, keeping students engaged has become even more challenging. Although the environment in which our students are used to learning in has shifted, it’s important to keep students enthusiastic and energized about learning. Check out these 5 tips KIPP educators in our network shared to keep your student motivated while learning at home.

#1 “After every assignment your child completes, praise them. “Way to go!” “You got this!” “Your brain is getting so big!” Don’t forget to let them take “brain breaks” throughout the day, especially for our little KIPPsters! Let’s keep the learning fun!”

Charlene Manaoat, Kindergarten Teacher/Grade Level Chair – KIPP Miami 

#2 “Don’t forget to have some together down time! Play a game, read a story together, watch your favorite TV show, coop video game, get outside, or sing a-long with a music video! Bonding time builds up that emotional bank account and will make things go easier for both caregivers and kiddos!”

Julius Brown, Radical Music Educator – KIPP Philadelphia 

#3 Make time every day to get out of your work space–whether that means going for a walk, playing in your yard, or dancing in your living room, breaks are key! Just like your teacher plans for brain breaks in your regular school day, you should plan for some, too!”

Emily Barclay, Music Teacher – KIPP SoCal 

#4 “If you see your student looking like they are irritable, can’t focus, or if they are disoriented, take them offline for a bit. Shout them out and root for the work they have been doing but, also recognize the signs of stress when they present themselves. Stress is real. The effects on the body are real.”

Conrad M Medrano, CompSci Teacher & Beyond – KIPP Texas-Houston

#5 “Stay fit and do dance exercises! In addition, during this time taking care of yourself is of the utmost importance. One of the things I use for my immune system and to make sure my body is good is elderberry syrup. You can find it anywhere at your local CVS, Rite Aid or even a supermarket. It’s all natural and a lot of people swear by it.”

Shakoor Woodson, Dean of Students – KIPP New Jersey 



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