12 Fun Ways To Increase Reading and Comprehension Skills At School Or Home

Author: Dr. Kirkland Hamilton, KIPP Memphis Collegiate Middle School Teacher

The next time you are looking for a way to keep students engaged in literacy at home or in the classroom check out these fun activities that facilitate conversation and reinforces comprehension.

1. The “Did You Know?” Game:

  • Two or several family members can play the game
  • The purpose of the game is to see who can research and find the MOST interesting information to further the conversation about a pre-selected topic
  • In other words, you want to show you know the most about this topic
  • You also want to refute the information by your opponent when appropriate
  • Start the game by asking, “Did you know _____?” You will fill in the blank with a favorite topic.
  • Your opponent will respond by giving you a fact OR by saying wow I will have to look into that…and the contest begins
  • Use the internet or other resources to find the information you need
  • Research information that corroborates your point of view and information that may or may not refute the point of view of the person you are playing the game with. It is ok to find a point that agrees or furthers your opponent’s comments

2. Family Book Club Night

  • The entire family will vote and decide on a book everyone can enjoy
  • Agree how much to read (a certain chapter or a certain number of pages
  • You can also read some of the book together
  • The family can discuss the book during family or dinnertime
  • Journal your thoughts

3. Join or Start A Local Reading Is Fundamental club

  • You can join Reading is Fundamental (RIF) here: https://www.rif.org/
  • The program is free to everyone and offers free resources and support
  • You can offer incentives or prizes based on the number of pages read

4. Riddle Day/Night At School Or At Home

  • Riddles are a fun and will make you think
  • Riddles help increase the development of cognitive skills and expands thinking
  • Everyone should be tasked with creating or finding a riddle to solve

5. Start A School Blog

  • Students can start a blog on school events or student life
  • The blog will help students develop writing and reading skills
  • The blog will also help develop audience awareness
  • The students will learn from their experiences

6. Create A Story to Read To The Family On Family Night

  • Students will create and write a story
  • The story can be shared with family or at school
  • Creating a story will help develop reading and writing skills
  • The activity will also help develop students’ imaginations

7. Start A Poem Journal (wellness, calmness)

  • Helps develop reading and writing skills
  • Helps develop imagination and self-awareness
  • May act as an emotional release
  • Can be inspiring

8. Create A Study Den or Study Cave/Space At Home With Your Child For the Explicit Purpose of Reading and Studying. (Dedicate study space)

9. Use The Cell Phone To Engage Students In Mobile/Audio Books

10. Visit Your Local Library

11. Start A School News Service And Deliver It Over The Intercom

  • Helps develop speaking and listening skills

12. Buy Or Download Books Which Have Relevance To The Child’s Life/Situation

  • Relevant books will increase interest and the child will be more inclined to read the book



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