10 Highlights from 2016

Happy new year! Keeping up with our annual tradition, KIPP CEO Richard Barth shares some highlights from 2016 and thoughts on where we are as a team and family.

My Time to Mentor: Why I Help Students Find Their Home in College

Lonneshia Webb, a College Persistence Manager at KIPP LA Schools, supports students who are in college and striving to reach graduation day. She know what sorts of challenges these students may encounter — because she’s faced them herself. Learn how she’s making an impact on her community and helping KIPP alumni reach their highest potential.

What I Learned at the College Ambassadors Summit

College Ambassadors aim to connect KIPP alumni on campus with one another, resources & campus supports. The College Ambassador program is a part of KIPP’s larger effort to connect all KIPP alumni on the same college campus or geographic area—known as College Connections—to ensure they persist through college. On campuses with significant numbers of KIPP […]

‘Lean In’ Through the Lens of a High School Grad

By Vanessa Salomon (far left in above photo), KIPP LA Prep alumna, recent graduate of Environmental Science and Technology High School. As the author of Lean in: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead and founder of LeanIn.org, Sheryl Sandberg has been traveling the country, encouraging and supporting women to “lean in” to their ambitions. […]


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