10 Highlights from 2016

Happy new year! Keeping up with our annual tradition, KIPP CEO Richard Barth shares some highlights from 2016 and thoughts on where we are as a team and family.

KIPP Goes to College: What Surprised Us

We asked some of our KIPP Through College leaders, KIPP alumni, and staff from our partner universities to share their college experiences and advice. They’ve experienced the challenges and triumphs that come with earning a bachelor’s degree, and they’ve got lots of wisdom to share.

Throughout the fall, we will be highlighting their thoughts here. Today’s topic: expecting the unexpected.

Learning a life lesson: Work hard. Be nice.

By Tykeena Watson, Class of 2016, KIPP Delta A phrase that is constantly referred to within KIPP is: “Work hard. Be nice.” Not only do our teachers constantly push us to work hard and to be nice, but they also model for us how this looks in everyday life. This is what I think makes KIPP […]


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