KIPP Acts of Gratitude Series: December 2019

Brighter Bites volunteers handing bags of healthy food to families.

In this blog series, we’ll be highlighting teams and family across our network doing exemplary work making a difference in their communities and beyond. If you have an act of gratitude that you would like to share from your region email: We would love to feature it!

The Doctor is In the School Building

At the Rales Health Center, a full-service medical clinic located inside KIPP Baltimore’s campus, students can see Dr. Connor, get their prescriptions, and take care of routine medical needs—all without leaving the school building. We sat down with Dr. Connor to learn more about the Rales Health Center, why she’s excited about the partnership, and her number one health tip for parents.

KIPP Goes to College:
Our Advice for Those Just Getting Started

We know the adjustment to college isn’t always easy, but we also know it gets better. To help make month two a little bit easier, we’ve being asking some of our KIPP alumni, KIPP Through College leaders, and staff from our partner universities to share their college experiences and advice.

From Mongolia to Baltimore, Creating a Supportive Environment for All Students

By Carina Wells, Special Education Teacher, KIPP Baltimore My first classroom was in a small village of Mongolia. Population: 2,000. Winter Temperature: -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Given the local context, at times it was difficult to create a rigorous environment which would prepare the students I was reaching through the Peace Corps for a post-secondary education. […]

Why I’m Optimistic About the Future of Baltimore

By Jackie Wardell, KIPP Parent, KIPP Baltimore When I discovered that my daughter would be attending KIPP Baltimore for middle school, I was relieved and hopeful. Hopeful that I had found a school that cared about how and what children were learning and hopeful that I had found a school where parents and teachers were […]


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