College And Career Planning Resources For Educators

Our aspiration is that all KIPP students find fulfillment and become economically self-sufficient. We believe a bachelor’s degree is the surest stepping stone toward this aspiration.

However, we recognize there is more than one route to an in-demand, self-sustaining career, and not all KIPP students enroll in or complete college. We value the idea that every KIPP student and alumnus is different and that each person’s journey is personalized based on his or her interests, strengths, and skills.

Check out this list of resources curated by the National KIPP Forward team for educators designed to help support students and alumni achieve their highest college and career aspirations.




KIPP pathways playbook


2year college career template

  • Pathway Plans (Counselor & Student-Facing) – Excel templates that can be used to create plans with students and alumni


Experiential Activities for Teaching Career Counseling Classes and for Facilitating Career Groups (Book)