KIPP Alumni Network Holiday Giving Guide 2021

The holiday shopping season is here and this year we’re back with our 2021 National Alumni Network Holiday Giving Guide. From BIPOC inspired fashion to natural body butter and candles, you’ll be sure to find a stocking stuffer someone will love. Learn about the businesses featured and discover your next gift from these talented alumni entrepreneurs across the KIPP network.

 Eshé Apparel. Co – Jessica Levon, KIPP Metro Atlanta Alumna

Eshé Apparel

This company was founded by CEO Jessica Levon on behalf of communities of color. The line, Eshé Apparel, or Life Clothing was created to fund communities of color and serve its purpose of educating youth about what it means to be a person of melanated culture.

Eshé Apparel CEO Jessica Levon

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Inspiring Experiences – Alexis Russell, KIPP DC

From incorporating your personal story into your business story to empathy workshops and storytelling resources and customized programs, Inspiring Experiences is ready to help you take your next step forward. Check out our latest product, StoryCards, designed to promote mental wellness in your life on our website at!

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 Finesse Clothing LLC – Zahir Miller, KIPP New Jersey

Finesse is a lifestyle clothing brand that describes a way of living to do whatever it takes to achieve success. Its core values are to achieve, inspire, and find a way.

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Sul Sul Cosmetics – Monique Lawrence, KIPP NYC Alumna 

Sul Sul Cosmetics sells beauty products that are themed on the popular simulation game The Sims 4.

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Du’Ause Bundles – Christiana Michael, KIPP NYC

I provide a unique buying experience for all of my customers. I sell luxury virgin bundles(hair) and make my own holistic organic skincare products. Du’Ausé means Do As You Say and I want everyone to accomplish their dreams.

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 Whipped on Butter – Shayla Nicole King, KIPP NYC

Whipped on Butter offers a 100% natural line of body and hair butters that are beneficial to all skin types. Body butters are sold in 8 oz jars and hair butters are sold in 6 oz jars. Customized scents are created by blending pure essential oils to eliminate the use of artificial fragrances. Through a blend of natural oils and butters (shea, cocoa, mango and more), my butters help combat dry skin, reduces the appearance of acne, scars, helps soothe eczema, and leaves you feeling moisturized!

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Snack Shack by Smillee – Tiyler Sims,  KIPP DC Alumna

“My business provides beauty products uniquely marketed and branded. I worked extremely hard to create a concept and it has been received with amazing feedback and support.”

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Good Day Scents Candle Co. – Jeremy Brooks, KIPP DC Alumnus

“We specialize in hand made soy wax candles. We currently have 10 different scents from customers to choose from. We were featured on Beyonce’s website and blog, as well as the BET awards.”

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Charismatic Creations – Christina Sheffey, KIPP DC Alumna

 “We are a mobile bar and event staff provider and non-alcoholic cocktail mix curator.”

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Healing Horizons Massage & Bliss, LLC – Sherieka Martin, KIPP DC Alumna

“Healing Horizons Massage & Bliss, LLC is a holistic approach on affordable luxury. Specializing in Massage Therapy and product line for Spa & essentials products.”

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Massage Artistry – Araina Artis Linton, KIPP NYC Alumna

“Massage Artistry offers customized massage, cupping, and wellness coaching programs to help people create a sustainable way of balancing work and life. Company services include chair massage events and stress management events for employees (in-person/ virtual).”

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AxV Beauty – Asata Evans,  KIPP New Jersey Alumna

“AxV Beauty is a wellness and skin care brand changing the narrative around healthy skin. Our skin care products are natural, hand infused with essential oils, and created to enhance your skin’s natural glow. While helping to hydrate all skin types, our products are great for anti-inflammation, hyper pigmentation, and dark spots.”

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Sol y Flor – Daisy Hernandez, KIPP SoCal Alumna

“At Sol y Flor, we specialize in accessories and clothing. We sell 14k and 18k gold plated and gold-filled jewelry.”

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Sashimiko – Ella Liang, KIPP KIPP NorCal Alumna

“Our business provides handmade polymer clay crafts that are inspired by popular characters from shows, games, etc. We mainly sell online on Etsy.”

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