Introducing the 2010 KIPP Report Card

Report CardWe are excited to share with you the 2010 KIPP Report Card! Our Report Card includes school profiles and student achievement data for the 82 KIPP schools with reportable results from the 2009-10 school year. Beyond test scores, the Report Card shares both the academic and non-academic factors that we believe matter most to school health including information on enrollment, student attrition, per-pupil funding, facilities, and demographics.

We aim to describe the health of the KIPP network, our accomplishments and our challenges, and our plans for the future through the lens of six Essential Questions:

  1. Are we serving the children who need us?
  2. Are our students staying with us?
  3. Are KIPP students progressing and achieving academically?
  4. Are KIPP alumni climbing the mountain to and through college?
  5. Are we building a sustainable people model?
  6. Are we building a sustainable financial model?

These six questions focus us on the key pieces of information that we deem critical to the success of a school, a region, and a network of schools. This year we also share not only our high school graduation and college matriculation numbers, but also our early college completion rates for the first several KIPP classes.

You can find the Report Card online at We invite you to browse or download the entire document, as well as search for information by school or region. We encourage you to share this link with your contacts and your community, which is an easy way to provide local school information and results, as well as that of KIPP on a national level.

If you would like to learn more about the 2010 KIPP Report Card, please feel free to contact Mary Clare Reilley at


Richard Barth
KIPP Foundation