Get To Know The 2022 KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator Fellows

We are honored to introduce the 2022 KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator Fellows! These twenty-three remarkable KIPP alumni have been selected to participate in a yearlong program of professional development, mentorship, and network-building. These changemakers will be part of a group of 107 alumni leaders who have gone through the program.

Now in its fifth year, the Leadership Accelerator Program aims to support KIPP alumni in reaching top leadership positions at the local, state, and national levels. This year’s Fellows will:

  • Receive 10 months of personalized, executive leadership coaching
  • Attend two leadership conferences
  • Join a tight-knit cohort of peers who graduated from KIPP schools across the country
  • Have access to networking and skill-building opportunities

Each of our Fellows already possesses a vision for inspiring positive change. These are the changemakers of the future and we’re just lucky enough to be part of their journey!

Listen to what they had to say about what getting accepted into the program means to them:

Learn more about our 2022 Fellows by checking out their bios below. 

German Barbosa

KIPP Texas Public Schools
Future Aspiration: Political Leader

German Barbosa’s career aspirations have always been centered in the political sphere. After earning a BA at St. Thomas University and a BS in economics at the University of Houston, he has interned for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, worked as a legal assistant in law offices, and taught AP Government and Politics at KIPP Texas. Currently, he is a Field Director for the political campaign of Dolores Lozano, a KIPP Texas alum and 2019 Leadership Accelerator Fellow, who is running for Harris County Justice of the Peace. German believes we must elect more members of his community to positions of power that understand the resources our communities need.

“I believe that the Accelerator Program will help me develop my communication skills to effectively communicate whatever message of importance I am trying to convey. I also believe that the Accelerator Program will help me connect with people in my field that can show me their ways and pass on knowledge that I can leverage as I continue to navigate the political sphere.”

Simone Chapman

Simone Chapman

KIPP DC Public Schools
Future Aspiration: Environmental/Public Health Advocate

Simone Chapman hopes to bring awareness to environmental justice, in order to influence environmental policy implementation and combat climate change. She received a MS in Natural Resources: Environmental Conservation & a Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Science from the University of New Hampshire (UNH), as well as a BA in Environmental Studies from Temple University. She hopes to use software and tools to actively combat the effects of climate change on marginalized communities. She wants to become a leader in federal organizations, nonprofits, or international organizations to leave a legacy of helping solve challenging environmental issues while also targeting public and mental health in addition to financial literacy.

“As a young Black woman in the environmental field, I already see that I am not represented. I am striving to be a blueprint for young emerging environmental leaders, by applying for opportunities to enhance my skill set, broaden my network, and producing tangible results. The skills, tools, networks, and peer connections that will come out of this program, will enhance my career aspirations, and really put me in a better position to achieve the dreams and goals that I see for myself and my community.” 

Sarah Bond


KIPP Baltimore
Future Aspiration: Urban Planning Leader

Sarah Bond’s career path has been greatly influenced by her upbringing in Baltimore City. In college, she discovered the field of urban planning as a perfect blend of her interests in cities and civil service. She holds a Bachelor’s in Geography with a minor in Urban Studies from the University of Mary Washington. In 2020, she graduated from the University of Maryland’s School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation with a Master’s in Community Planning. She currently works as a Transportation Planner in the D.C. region, and her planning interests include transportation, equity, gender, schools, and families. Outside of urban planning, Sarah’s graphic design work has been featured on posters throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

“As we navigate the ongoing pandemic, I see [the KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator] as a time to ponder the ways that good leadership is essential to carry us to a ‘post-pandemic’ world…As a young woman of color, I’ve struggled to find mentors that I truly relate to in high levels of leadership. I believe this program will establish access to those connections and mentors moving forward that I can learn from and follow.”

Eliza Catalino


KIPP NYC Public Schools
Future Aspiration: School Superintendent

Eliza Catalino holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Spanish from Syracuse University. She entered the teaching profession due to her personal connection with Teach for America and KIPP. She taught for seven years, and while teaching pursued her master’s degree from the Relay Graduate School of Education. When she decided to widen her impact and enter school leadership, she earned an additional master’s in School Leadership from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Raised in the South Bronx, Eliza is excited to have returned home to serve and lead in the community where she grew up. She intends to become a middle school principal with the ultimate goal of becoming a network leader overseeing multiple middle schools.

“I foresee [the KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator] helping me achieve my goals by providing me with tools to strengthen my leadership, such as my ability to be a big-picture thinker, growing more confident in my decision-making skills and my management of other leaders. This program will allow me to grow my network and have people I can continue to connect with well after the program is over. These are people I hope to be able to call when I need support and to be a thought partner for them as they make strides in their career.”

Jennifer Constanza


KIPP Texas Public Schools
Future Aspiration: Energy Policy Leader

Jennifer Constanza is a Houston native who graduated from Duke University with a BA in Public Policy. During her time at Duke, Jennifer focused on energy policy. Her undergraduate thesis examined how the liberalization of the Mexican energy market created opportunities for American oil and gas companies. Currently, Jennifer is a consultant for PA Consulting, a global consulting company that specializes in strategy, technology, and innovation. Over the past year, she planned and coordinated a partnership between her firm and the National Society of Black Engineers to increase the recruitment of Black professionals and raise funds to continue building that pipeline for years to come. From the electrification of transportation to the decentralization of the electric grid, Jennifer wants to be a leader in addressing the energy and infrastructure needs of low-income communities.

“In the next five years, I aspire to reach a position where I am framing the conversations and decisions that impact utility operations. I want my community to benefit from the far-reaching decisions being made. I believe this can happen by having professionals like me advocate at the highest levels of an organization for the same level of attention and services for all utility customers.”

Lawrence Davin


KIPP DC Public Schools
Future Aspiration: Director of Government Affairs

Lawrence Davin has come full circle at KIPP, from attending KIPP DC to now teaching social studies and orchestra there. After graduating from KIPP, he majored in Political Science at Radford University. While at Radford, Lawrence was able to study abroad in Cuba, studying US-Cuban history and relations. Lawrence is very active in local politics in the DC area, having been elected to two local seats and working on ongoing campaigns. His most immediate goal is to graduate from law school and focus his studies on legal housing, education, and economic development issues so he can impact the local community and continue to run for office.

“I want to gain leadership skills. Being a public leader and an advocate requires being a leader. Being able to lead a group is a skill that opens doors to many industries. Knowing that I have learned from experienced leaders will also make me more confident. These skills will not only set me apart from my peers but also give me the chance to teach them to folks who are following behind me.”

Siena Dean


KIPP Albany Community Public Schools
Future Aspiration: Talent Developer/Leadership Coach

Siena Dean currently holds the position of Sr. Associate of Community Engagement at Management Leadership for Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization focused on equipping Black, Latinx, and Native American talent to secure high-trajectory careers. Previously, she served as consultant and administrative coordinator for the KIPP Foundation and CLEAResult; at KIPP, she has supported the creation of strategic frameworks for alumni engagement and skill development. Her volunteer and internship roles include Girls Inc., New York State Black and Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus, William Floyd Learning Center, Albany City Rocks, and APEX History Museum. Siena is passionate about diversity, inclusion, and equal access to opportunities for underserved communities, and she hopes to one day lead a global talent development team for a Fortune 500 company.

“Five years from now, I believe I will be a more decisive leader who has sharpened her skills in team advocacy, problem-solving, and team management. I hope to be still connected to my peers from the cohort and still learn from them and grow with them. Lastly, I hope to mentor KIPP alums who will go through the program after me.”

Paula Fernandez-Baca


KIPP Texas Public Schools
Future Aspiration: Community and Social Justice Advocate

Paula Fernandez-Baca is a consultant for global management consulting firm Bain & Company and recently graduated with her MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. After graduating with honors from Johns Hopkins University, she taught students at KIPP Houston through Teach for America, and has worked in fundraising and advocacy for the KIPP Foundation, KIPP Bay Area, and Teach For America – Bay Area. She aspires to eventually return to the social sector, leading organizations making an impact in education and workforce development for underserved communities. She also hopes to be active in politics and policy that promotes equitable opportunities and community development. Paula holds an alumni board position with Miss Porter’s School, and since moving back to Texas has loved reconnecting with her hometown Houston and being closer to family.

“I hope the Leadership Accelerator will help me be more confident in my current job, answer questions that I have for myself as a professional and leader that I strive to be and give me the starting tools I need to begin to make the moves I need to fulfill longer-term leadership visions for myself.”

Dulce Gonzalez


KIPP Massachusetts Public Charter Schools
Future Aspiration: Policy Advocate/Community Organizer

Dulce Gonzalez is the founder and president of Youth Without Borders, which organizes youth lead initiatives that seek to keep members of urban communities actively engaged, included, and represented through working closely with community stakeholders. During the pandemic, she led a group of over a dozen volunteers to help hundreds of local residents receive food security, financial support, and access to resources. She has also advocated for legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants to earn a driver’s license so they can drive without the fear of deportation. As a legislative aide for Massachusetts State Senator Brendan Crighton, Dulce worked on all stages of drafting bills, advocacy, communications, and collaboration with diverse audiences including stakeholders, community organizations, local, state, and federal legislators. In 2015, Dulce received the President’s Education Award from President Barack Obama for outreach, engagement, and excellent academic achievement.

“I believe that the Accelerator program can help me achieve better understanding of how to be an effective leader in my career aspirations. If I start now, in 5 years, the potential for growth with the skills and abilities I learn from the Accelerator will help me become an even better and effective leader, manager, and colleague for those around me.”

Jozlyn Hall


KIPP Texas Public Schools
Future Aspiration: Healthcare Leader/ Community Resource Advocate

Jozlyn Hall is a proud member of KIPP TRUTH Academy’s founding class. She went on to attend Townview Health Magnet High School, where her passion for healthcare blossomed. Jozlyn graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 2015 with a BS degree in Biology. After graduating, she became the founding 6th Grade Science teacher at KIPP Destiny Middle School for the 2015-2016 school year. She transitioned from education back into health and decided to work in Orthopedic Oncology while attending Nursing School at University of Texas at Arlington, where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Jozlyn is currently a Registered Nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where she gets to combine both compassion and critical thinking skills to render the best care to her patients and their families. Jozlyn serves as the Founding Co-Chair for KIPP DFW Alumni Association, whose mission is to cultivate a safe space for KIPP DFW Alumni to network and be the greatest version of themselves.

“I believe the KIPP Alumni Accelerator Program will help me achieve my goals of opening a resource center south of Dallas while working as a Nurse Practitioner. It has been a lifelong dream of mine for this to come to fruition and I believe the KIPP Alumni Accelerator Program will be a catalyst to propel me towards my goals.”

Selah Hampton

KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools
Future Aspiration: Executive Coach

Selah Hampton graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy and later earned a BA from Princeton University with a concentration in chemistry and minors in African American studies and dance. She began her career as a business development associate for Walmart eCommerce, and is now the senior manager of growth at US Mobile, a telecommunications tech startup, where she leads strategic partnerships and drives hyper-growth initiatives. In the fall of 2020, Selah founded ReTell Bookstore, an online bookstore with a curated selection of titles written by Black authors, with the dual goals of increasing literacy in underserved communities and creating space for discourse about race. ReTell donates 25% of each dollar spent to partner schools in the form of classroom sets of books. Selah is passionate about education equality and accessibility of opportunities and resources to all and aspires to create and develop community businesses with innovative, sustainable business models. Her civic engagement includes serving as the vice-chair of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations and as the nominating and governance co-chair for the junior board of Girls, Inc.

“Five years from today, I hope to have utilized the skills gained during my time with an executive coach to be actively developing a portfolio of businesses that have a significant societal impact. I’ll have a network of inspirational peers not only from my cohort but also those from before and after with whom I can brainstorm and seek feedback.”

Kevin Hidalgo


KIPP NYC Public Schools
Future Aspiration: Product Management Leader

Kevin Hidalgo, son of Ecuadorian immigrants, is a Harlem native who was part of the founding class at KIPP Infinity Middle School and KIPP NYC College Prep. After KIPP, he attended The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied economics with a concentration in management. Now a Senior Financial Analyst at American Express, he aspires to become a manager within the next couple of years and set the foundation to pursue a role in product management. In conjunction with his career growth, he turned his attention to his leadership outside the workplace, such as being part of the KIPP New York Alumni Association and volunteering his time to do pro-bono consulting for a local nonprofit through PennPAC.

“I aim to leverage the connections I have and will build through the Accelerator to deepen my understanding of leadership styles to become someone people, outside and inside the workplace, can turn to for guidance regardless of subject matter. Being able to have some sort of balance between life and work is essential for me and my success which is why this is my number one goal in the long term.”

Bobby Hill

KIPP North Carolina Public Schools
Future Aspiration: Social Entrepreneur

Bobby Hill is a graduate of Parsons, The New School for Design and the International Business School of São Paulo, Brazil. Bobby has served as a speaker at the United Nations Global Compact Leaders’ Summit, where over 25,000 leaders from business, government, and civil society convene to develop action steps to combat and track climate crisis, global pandemic response, economic disparities, and social inequalities. Hill has also developed his presence in the fitness industry as a wellness coach and has been featured in the New York Times as a top athlete changing the scope of fitness through recreation in community parks. Hill has earned honorable mention in several congressional art competitions, was featured in The Brooklyn Museum’s “Stop the Hate” exhibition, and is a National Beta Club Art convention winner.

“Often success is not just what you know, but who you know. I believe that my skillsets will be strengthened through peer connection. By banding together with the talents in this year’s cohort, we will all be able to leave a positive impact on our communities.”

Eliseo Iglesias


KIPP Texas Public Schools
Future Aspiration: Higher Education Leader

Eliseo Iglesias is a first-generation Salvadoran American who earned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. In August of 2021, he completed his doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio. During the later years of his Ph.D. work, Eliseo was an adjunct faculty member at Trinity University, where he advised several senior design capstone projects and taught introductory and second-year engineering design courses. He has presented his research in conferences all over the country and overseas in Russia and Greece. He plans to continue his academic journey and become tenure-track college faculty. Eliseo hopes to use his own experience to create a path for other young students in underrepresented and underserved communities to achieve positions of leadership in the STEM field. He has served on STEM panels at UTSA, the KIPP School Summit, and at various KIPP schools in the San Antonio area. Additionally, he participated in KIPP’s Pay It Forward program, mentoring a young KIPP alum at the University of Houston.

“The KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator program presents a unique opportunity for me to begin preparing for a high stakes leadership role. This knowledge alongside my doctoral degree will aid in the influencing of public policy, be it in education or science funding (or both).“

Vivian Lin


KIPP Public Schools Northern California
Future Aspiration: Healthcare Leader

Growing up in Silicon Valley, Vivian Lin became fascinated by technology and its role in everyday life. She is pursuing a career in health informatics and is passionate about advancing digital healthcare, whether by analyzing health outcome data or designing user experience applications. Her career aspiration is to help develop programs with huge user platforms such as Apple, Facebook, and Amazon to deliver more convenient access to health care and make lasting, positive changes for the greater community. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and received her BS in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine.

“With the help of the KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator program’s training, I can professionally develop to become the leader I envision…As a pharmacist, I will need to lead by maintaining pharmacy workflow, managing technicians, and much more, while working collaboratively in an interdisciplinary team advocating for patients from a pharmacy perspective. Leadership does not end just with patient care but also gives back to the community by teaching future generations of students.”

Brenda Meza


KIPP NYC Public Schools
Future Aspirations: Human Resources Manager

Born in Mexico and raised in the South Bronx, Brenda Meza prides herself on being a first-generation DACAmented immigrant. She graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University in 2019, with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy. Over the past two years, Brenda has worked with Eli Lilly and Company as an HR Business Associate and currently sits at the HR International Business Unit supporting Eli Lilly’s Latin American affiliates. She serves as co-lead of the community outreach pillar to the company’s Latinx employee resource group, seeking to better engage talent with the community’s needs. She also serves on the planning committees of two mentorship programs for local Latinx/undocumented talent in Indiana.

“As the only female Latinx professional in 90% of the rooms in my field and in my place of work, I can be intimidated. While I don’t think the Accelerator program can alone instill the confidence I need, I believe that the program can give me access to the right coaching to better formulate my journey, my conversations, and relationships that will build confidence. My long-term goal is to create disruption–the kind of disruption that makes more room at the table for other individuals like me.”

Andranae Nelson


KIPP DC Public Schools
Future Aspiration: Creative Agency Founder and Entrepreneur

A graduate of KIPP DC KEY Academy, Andranae Nelson received a full-tuition scholarship from the Posse Foundation to attend Bucknell University, where she graduated with a BS in Business Administration and a Spanish minor. She currently works as a Communications Associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co., and leads marketing and communications for an internal program for the East region, United States. In her spare time, Andranae serves on the board of directors for ScholarCHIPS, a non-profit organization that provides college scholarships, mentoring, and a peer support network for children of incarcerated parents. She also volunteers for the Keystone teen leadership program of the Greater Washington Boys and Girls Club. One day, she hopes to lead her own creative agency, using world-class design and visual storytelling to bring brands to life on an international scale.

“My life aspirations are to inspire others through design and communications internationally, create jobs and opportunities, provide access to essential resources and sponsor the next generation…The KIPP Accelerator program will position me to become an executive in my field and improve access for Black and Hispanic/Latino populations in corporate America.”

Asile Patin


KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools
Future Aspiration: Community and Racial Justice Advocate

Asile Patin is a community advocate, facilitator, and Black studies scholar from Atlanta, Georgia. Her work centers Black liberation, healing justice, and building today’s Black liberation movements across the Diaspora. She has researched the intersections between Black business movements, social mobility, and colorblind systems while studying in Paris, France through Syracuse University’s Paris Noir program. Asile was a 2020 Georgia Women’s Policy Institute Fellow, advocating for gender pay equity legislation. She was also an inaugural Highlander Center ‘Seeds of Fire’ grant recipient, designing and facilitating a series of intimate focus groups within Black communities to discuss the political landscape in Georgia. Asile is a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and holds a dual Bachelor of Arts Degree in African American Studies and Civic Engagement from Syracuse University.

“Networking is not my strength, but I think that it’s a big missing link to the work I am trying to do! Hopefully, through the KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator, I will have the tools to build this network and professional acumen, while also having the skill set to ensure that I am financially thriving via multiple professional streams of sturdy income.”

Juwan Rainer


KIPP Philadelphia Public Schools
Future Aspiration: CEO/Education Leader

Juwan Rainer is the co-founder of REACH, a cohesive and comprehensive coaching and tutoring development program for high school students. A graduate of Villanova University as a business administration major, he has been a financial analyst for more than three years at large firms like PNC and Cigna. He is the Vice President of the Villanova Black Cultural Society and a member of the Multicultural Business Association. He hopes to become the Chief Executive Officer in his organization and continue to build a pipeline for inner-city high school students to get to prestigious universities.

“I believe the Accelerator Program will allow me to continue to give back to similar communities on a larger scale, most inner-city high students are not financially literate, I plan to change that school by school, city by city. It will help me position myself in my industry, making me more confident and comfortable embracing myself, regardless of the difference that I see amongst colleagues, seniors, or managers.”

Ayanna Smith


KIPP Metro Atlanta Schools
Future Aspiration: Public Health Advocate

An Atlanta native, Ayanna Smith attended KIPP WAYS Academy and KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School. After KIPP, she studied Public Health Sciences at Xavier University of Louisiana. As an undergraduate, she was propelled into the field of Maternal and Child Health, with a focus on breastfeeding. She developed and implemented BreastFedEd, an award-winning program that serves as the breastfeeding education curriculum for Xavier University’s Nutrition and Health courses. Currently, Ayanna is pursuing a Master’s of Public Health degree at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health and training to become a lactation consultant through the Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative. Her career goals include increasing African American representation and prioritizing BIPOC communities’ wellness in the broader discussion of breastfeeding.

“In five years, my goal is to hold a high leadership position. I will not take this responsibility lightly, so it will be important for me to successfully set clear and attainable goals, manage a team with respect and empathy, and meet and exceed expectations. By helping me identify my leadership strengths and limitations, [the KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator] will equip me with the tools to be a strong leader.“

Kei-Sygh Thomas


KIPP New Jersey
Future Aspiration: Social Entrepreneur

Kei-Sygh Thomas is a freelance journalist specializing in news and features, and an aspiring software developer. Most recently, she was an education reporter in her hometown Newark, the largest school district in New Jersey. She has been published in hyperlocal, local, and national news media sites, and was an editorial fellow for The 74. She loves to research and combine data with moving personal narratives to raise awareness of important issues and their solutions. Kei-Sygh dreams of harnessing technology and amplifying community impact through corporate social programs. She speaks three and a half languages, has traveled to almost a dozen countries on four continents and wants to build a career that can take her abroad.

“I am joining cohort five of the Accelerator to gain the clarity, roadmap, and accountability to become my personal and professional best…One of the biggest benefits of the Accelerator would be the relationships I build and the resources to take control of my career. In five years, I would have unique opportunities through the individuals I meet in the Accelerator and be in a position where my work has a direct impact.”

Joao Pedro Vieira Silva

KIPP Public Schools Northern California
Future Aspiration: Business Executive

Joao Pedro Vieira Silva hopes to bring a constructive force to our communities and cultures through a people-first business approach. He is the founder of Underrepresented Teenagers Advocacy Program, a nonprofit organization. geared towards providing aid, representation, and support to child. Joao currently works at Gardenland Power Equipment, where he developed a self-service locker that allows customers to pick up parts without having to come inside and wait in line. A graduate of De Anza Community College and San Jose State University, he aspires to a management role in business development or operations at his current company. His dream is to set up a program that will benefit small business owners and landscapers, who often do not benefit from policy changes and government programs.

“KIPP’s Accelerator program will allow me to strengthen my resolve, and abilities to execute on our vision and establish something that will aid our community at its core issues: education, poverty, and a lack of opportunities.”

Tatiana Wynn


KIPP North Carolina Public Schools
Future Aspiration: Education Leader

Tatiana Wynn hopes to impact the world through educational leadership. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, she taught for two years as a middle school teacher in Henderson, NC before becoming the Director of Human Resources and a part of the leadership team at the Henderson Collegiate charter school network. During this time, she has created and transformed policies related to employee relations and organizational culture. During the pandemic, Tatiana earned her MBA from North Carolina A&T State University. She hopes to expand her influence in supporting leaders with their mission to provide quality education and access to college to communities in need. She is also the parent of Autumn, an energetic and inquisitive baby girl.

“The KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator program will help me achieve my long-term goals by giving me access to a large network as well as equipping me with the tools needed to continue to build my network beyond the program. I also believe the program will help me brand myself as a leader in the Education industry outside of my organization.”

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