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By Richard Barth, KIPP Foundation CEO

Walk the halls of any KIPP school and you’ll find yourself surrounded by ‘KIPPisms’ — wall after wall adorned with slogans and mottos that even our youngest KIPPsters know. While you’ve probably heard, “Work hard. Be nice.,” one of my personal favorites is: “Reflect and get better.”

At KIPP, our focus on data is one of the ways we’re trying to do just that. By reflecting on our results, we can see when something is working, when we should double-down and accelerate our efforts, and where we still have work to do. Throughout the year, we collect and analyze a wide variety of data to measure our progress. We look at this data through the lens of our Healthy Schools and Regions Six Essential Questions, which include:

  1. Are we serving the children who need us?
  2. Are our students staying with us?
  3. Are our students progressing and achieving academically?
  4. Are our alumni climbing the mountain to and through college?
  5. Are we building a sustainable people model?
  6. Are we building a sustainable financial model?

Taken together, exploring these questions helps us understand our impact and tells us whether or not we’re fulfilling our mission and delivering on the promises we make to our students and families. We also publish our results so that others outside of KIPP can learn how our network is doing.

A focus on results and a commitment to transparency has been part of KIPP’s culture since our founding. This year we’re excited to announce that all of our results will be published exclusively online. By moving to an all-digital format, results can be updated throughout the year as new data become available.

It is our hope that by sharing our progress, we can demonstrate what’s possible in public education, while remaining candid about the challenges we face. Today, we invite you to dive into our latest results and learn more about what our students and schools are achieving.




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