10 Colleges Doing Right By Kids

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Setting students up for college success doesn’t end when they graduate high school. In fact, that’s just the beginning. Students—especially those from low-income backgrounds—need support all the way through to college graduation day. These 10 schools are leading the way in doing just that.

5 Highlights from 2014

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Richard Barth, Chief Executive Officer of the KIPP Foundation, shares his five highlights from 2014, including the fact that there are more KIPP students in college today than were in the entire KIPP network 10 years ago.

A Multigenerational, Transformational Education in Rural North Carolina


By Tammi Sutton, Executive Director, KIPP Gaston Two weeks ago I was able to attend Myles Nicholson’s graduation from Morehouse College with Myles’ mother, grandparents, and sisters (Kayla Jackson – Pride of 2015*, Maya Jackson – Pride of 2018 and Randi Jackson – Pride of 2020). Remove the pouring rain, our drenched clothing and the thunder […]


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