3 Firsts for KIPP

Networking in Action at KIPP

We’ve never been more excited about the year to come, which includes many ‘firsts’ for KIPP. New initiatives to learn more from our peers, to share more of what we know, and to adapt in order to better confront the challenges our students face. Read about three here!

My Time to Mentor: Why I Help Students Find Their Home in College

Lonneshia Webb KIPP LA

Lonneshia Webb, a College Persistence Manager at KIPP LA Schools, supports students who are in college and striving to reach graduation day. She know what sorts of challenges these students may encounter — because she’s faced them herself. Learn how she’s making an impact on her community and helping KIPP alumni reach their highest potential.

Knowledge, Power, and Advocacy on Campus

featured pennant

There’s a watershed moment happening on college campuses. From large universities like Mizzou and Yale to small colleges like Amherst and Claremont McKenna, students are speaking out against systemic racism in higher education. KIPP’s National Director of KIPP Through College offers a few thoughts for students of color currently navigating the waters on college campuses this fall.

KIPP Goes to College: What Surprised Us

College Suprises

We asked some of our KIPP Through College leaders, KIPP alumni, and staff from our partner universities to share their college experiences and advice. They’ve experienced the challenges and triumphs that come with earning a bachelor’s degree, and they’ve got lots of wisdom to share.

Throughout the fall, we will be highlighting their thoughts here. Today’s topic: expecting the unexpected.


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