My Time to Mentor: Why I Help Students Find Their Home in College

Lonneshia Webb KIPP LA

Lonneshia Webb, a College Persistence Manager at KIPP LA Schools, supports students who are in college and striving to reach graduation day. She know what sorts of challenges these students may encounter — because she’s faced them herself. Learn how she’s making an impact on her community and helping KIPP alumni reach their highest potential.

Celebrating 21 New KIPP Schools from Coast to Coast

Esmeralda Cardoso

KIPP opens our 183rd school with 21 schools opening their doors for the first time this year! In this post, Richard Barth highlights four schools, the communities they are serving, and their founding leaders. Their stories are very different, but they are united by a common goal: to make sure every child has access to an education that opens doors of opportunity.

What Career Readiness Looks Like at KIPP LA


By Marisa A. Ramirez, College Advisor, KIPP LA We know that the growth and development of our students as leaders involves not only a students’ ability to be successful in the classroom, but also in the workplace. As the job market becomes more and more competitive, it is essential for our students to hone their […]

Educating the Whole Child for the 21st Century

KIPP Empowerment Academy, Los Angeles, CA.

By Mike Kerr, School Leader, KIPP Empower Academy At KIPP Empower Academy, our motto is “Strong in mind, body, and spirit.” Ultimately, we desire for all of our students to develop the means to be resilient and perseverant in the face of challenges on their climb to and through college. And the odds are stacked […]


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