Dave Levin on Not Eating the Marshmallow


By Lori Warren, Senior Communications Manager, KIPP Foundation Fifty years ago, Dr. Walter Mischel, then a professor of psychology at Stanford, conducted a series of trail-blazing experiments on self-control that would influence a generation of researchers. To celebrate the anniversary of this work, and share subsequent learnings, Dr. Mischel has released a new book, “The Marshmallow […]

Building A Positive Institution

KIPP classroom in Houston, TX

By Dave Levin, KIPP Co-Founder “Positive institutions facilitate the development and display of positive traits, which in turn facilitate positive subjective experiences.” This quotation, shared in Chris Peterson’s, A Primer on Positive Psychology has had an incredible impact on both my professional and personal life. I agree with everything except one word: “trait.” I prefer […]

Marking a 20th Anniversary with 15 Questions


Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin Reminisce About the Birth of KIPP October 11th, 1993 is the day that Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin stayed up all night listening to U2’s Achtung Baby on a repeating loop and developed their plan for KIPP. On the 20th anniversary of that day, Susan Ciccone, KIPP Communications Manager, caught up […]


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