The Doctor is In the School Building

Rales Health Center

At the Rales Health Center, a full-service medical clinic located inside KIPP Baltimore’s campus, students can see Dr. Connor, get their prescriptions, and take care of routine medical needs—all without leaving the school building. We sat down with Dr. Connor to learn more about the Rales Health Center, why she’s excited about the partnership, and her number one health tip for parents.

Celebrating 21 New KIPP Schools from Coast to Coast

Esmeralda Cardoso

KIPP opens our 183rd school with 21 schools opening their doors for the first time this year! In this post, Richard Barth highlights four schools, the communities they are serving, and their founding leaders. Their stories are very different, but they are united by a common goal: to make sure every child has access to an education that opens doors of opportunity.

Increasing College Completion in the Arkansas Delta


Scott Shirey, Executive Director of KIPP Delta Public Schools, asked: Since we’re constantly pushing to improve our college-going support for our KIPPsters, couldn’t students outside of our schools also benefit from what we’re learning? With the help of a grant, the answer he is discovering is yes.


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