How You Can Use Khan Academy to Teach Math

Travis Dempsey TEAM Math Bar

By Michael Alderman, Communications Manager, TEAM Schools – A KIPP Region This post was originally published on the TEAM Schools Blog. At KIPP, we know that the success of our schools comes from having great teachers and leaders who are constantly looking for tools to help all students succeed on their path to and through college. Our […]

From Mongolia to Baltimore, Creating a Supportive Environment for All Students

Carina Wells with KIPPsters in Baltimore

By Carina Wells, Special Education Teacher, KIPP Baltimore My first classroom was in a small village of Mongolia. Population: 2,000. Winter Temperature: -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Given the local context, at times it was difficult to create a rigorous environment which would prepare the students I was reaching through the Peace Corps for a post-secondary education. […]

Why We Support the Common Core

KIPP New York schools, photographed by Ethan Pines for the KIPP Foundation, February 2014, New York, NY.

By Richard Barth, KIPP Foundation Chief Executive Officer As the leader of a national network of 141 charter schools serving over 50,000 students—88 percent of whom are eligible for free and reduced-price lunch—the most frequent question I have gotten this year is: “Are you supportive of the Common Core?” I get these questions when I […]

Incorporating Literacy into Your Science Curriculum

Hilah Barbot, 6th Grade Science Featured Teacher, KIPP Central City

By Hilah Barbot, 6th Grade Science Featured Teacher, KIPP New Orleans Being able to read and write well are core skills that students need regardless of the subject they are studying. Four years ago, I introduced the practice of having the students in my 6th grade science class write research papers – just like they will do […]

Collaboration and the Common Core

Steve Frederick, KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy

How Two Teachers Are Working Together to Raise the Bar for Kids By Jennifer Wells, Mathematics Achievement Director, KIPP Foundation When teachers collaborate, what effect does it have on students’ and teachers’ learning? This year, two longtime KIPP sixth grade math teachers are finding out. Steve Frederick, at KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy in Denver, and […]

Building A Positive Institution

KIPP classroom in Houston, TX

By Dave Levin, KIPP Co-Founder “Positive institutions facilitate the development and display of positive traits, which in turn facilitate positive subjective experiences.” This quotation, shared in Chris Peterson’s, A Primer on Positive Psychology has had an incredible impact on both my professional and personal life. I agree with everything except one word: “trait.” I prefer […]

With Much Gratitude: 3 Tips for Teaching Close Reading

sayuri 7 featured image

By Heidi Fisher, Dean of Instruction, TEAM Academy, a KIPP School Over the past 14 years of my teaching career, “The Bar” for excellent teaching seems to get higher and higher every year. The more I teach, the more I learn that there is so much more out there that I don’t know yet. Over […]


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