Unlocking a Risk-Taking Spirit in 5th Graders

Lisa With Riser

Lisa Bonnifield, KIPP Fisher Fellow in Newark, NJ, is founding a new school and naming it KIPP BOLD. She aims to unlock a risk-taking, opportunity-chasing, grit-filled spirit in her future students. The question she keeps asking myself is, “how will we do that?”

How Local Districts and KIPP are Learning from Each Other


A conversation between Karen E. Cox, Fulton County Public Schools, and David Jernigan, KIPP Metro Atlanta Karen Cox participated as a fellow in KIPP’s inaugural KIPP Leadership Design Fellowship (KLDF) cohort, which has led to a stronger relationship between her and Fulton County Schools and David Jernigan and KIPP Metro Atlanta. The following is a conversation between […]

The Super Power of a Team & Family


By Wheda Carletos, Fisher Fellow, KIPP Metro Atlanta I was in mid-conversation with a friend recently when she paused and then stated: “Wheda, you are married, you have three children, you are in school AND you are founding your own KIPP School! Do you think you are Superwoman?” Superwoman? Would Superwoman have piles of laundry […]

Four Vital Behaviors for School Leadership

Educators who make a difference_thumb

By Dave Levin, KIPP Co-Founder In 2000, Susan Schaeffler, Dan Caesar, and Caleb Dolan became the first three Fisher Fellows in KIPP’s history. They went on to open transformational KIPP schools in Washington, DC, Houston, TX, and Gaston, NC. Susan, Dan, and Caleb are still leading the way for KIPPsters across the country. In the eleven […]

300 to 4,500 – Reflections on the Growth of KIPP Memphis

KIPP schools, Memphis, TN. Photographed by Ethan Pines, April 17, 2012.

By Jamal McCall, Executive Director, KIPP Memphis As our academic year in Memphis comes to a close, I am compelled to reflect on a rewarding and humbling fact: I have had the pleasure of working in the KIPP network for nine years. When I first came to Memphis, we were 300 students and staff crowded […]

3.1 Million Students: KIPP’s Reach Extends

KIPP Leadership Design Fellowship

By Sarah Campbell, Senior Director of National-Local Leadership Development, KIPP Foundation This post is the first of a series from the KIPP School Leadership Programs team to shed light on the professional development and collaboration taking place amongst a diverse group of education leaders from across the country.


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