How Students Build Character & Reduce Stress through Yoga

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By Ric Zappa, School Leader, KIPP Summit Academy Since its origins, KIPP has placed equal emphasis on academics and character development. As educators, we want our students to have grit, aspiring to prepare them for every obstacle that comes their way. When I became principal at KIPP Summit Academy in San Lorenzo, California, in 2010, […]

How to Create a History Lesson that Teaches Grit

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By Mitch Brenner, Assistant Principal, KIPP Academy Middle School Work hard. Be nice. The dual-purpose nature of KIPP’s mission in four simple words is that BOTH character and academics matter. But how do you make a great dual-purpose lesson that combines crucial content with the underlying ideas that give our students the character skills that they need […]

How to Teach in Quadrant I

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By Ben Speicher, School Leader, KIPP Philadelphia Elementary Academy When I was a Fisher Fellow spending a year visiting, observing, talking, traveling, and planning in preparation to open a KIPP elementary school in Philadelphia, friends who were familiar with KIPP would ask me what certain elements of KIPP’s model look like with 5-year olds. They […]

Work hard. Bee nice.


By Sarah Elizabeth Gonzales, Kindergarten Spanish Teacher Apprentice, KIPP Austin At KIPP Austin Comunidad (KACD) we start off our year with a unit on school values: Courage, Tenacity, Honor, Community and Quality. Every KIPP school shares the same two rules of work hard and be nice. At KACD we use our five school values to teach our students […]

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan on Gratitude

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By Jen Keyte, Instructional Sharing Senior Manager, KIPP Foundation A couple of days before Thanksgiving break, why not teach your high school students about gratitude?  It’s one of the character traits that Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson identified in their book, Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification, as a path to a meaningful […]


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