How a KIPP High Schooler Inspired Me to be a Better Leader


KIPP’s focus on character first drew Andrea McCormick to KIPP six years ago. Now as the Dean of Instruction at KIPP Dream Prep, she knows that a dual focus on character and academics helps develop young minds that are conscious of the world around them. Learn how she infuses character in her school.

Unlocking a Risk-Taking Spirit in 5th Graders

Lisa With Riser

Lisa Bonnifield, KIPP Fisher Fellow in Newark, NJ, is founding a new school and naming it KIPP BOLD. She aims to unlock a risk-taking, opportunity-chasing, grit-filled spirit in her future students. The question she keeps asking myself is, “how will we do that?”

Building A Positive Institution

KIPP classroom in Houston, TX

By Dave Levin, KIPP Co-Founder “Positive institutions facilitate the development and display of positive traits, which in turn facilitate positive subjective experiences.” This quotation, shared in Chris Peterson’s, A Primer on Positive Psychology has had an incredible impact on both my professional and personal life. I agree with everything except one word: “trait.” I prefer […]

Got Gratitude? Show Your Gratitude 2013

Gratitude 2013_Ashley_Alexander

By Lisa Altman & Carie Page, Knowledge Sharing Team, KIPP Foundation At KIPP, we’re thankful for one another. Not just for the big and small ways that our teachers and leaders reach out to support each other every day, but also for the ways that our growing network of schools gives us the opportunity to […]


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